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The team at PlantLife Artscapes are not just passionate about plants, they’re also absolutely wild about wildlife. This is why, whenever possible we use indigenous and endemic plants to populate your garden space. This encourages various insects, birds, mammals and reptiles to inhabit the landscape. This is good for South Africa and great for you.

Using top international styling while focusing on indigenous and endemic South African plants our team of experts design and implement stunning landscapes that complement the individual architectural styles of the South African home, office space, business park or housing estate.

What We Love Doing

Z-Farming and Pavement Gardens

It seems like every day the price of consumables is going up. Food is becoming more and more expensive while the quality is often questionable.


Why Work With Us?


While gardeners play an integral role in South African home keeping, bringing in a landscaper takes things to a whole new level. You are bringing experience, expertise and exciting design into your home space.


Street and Home Vegetable Gardens


54 percent of South Africans go to bed hungry every day one third of those being children and at least 20 percent of households are generally food insecure which means they have either inadequate or severely inadequate access to food.


Thriving Gardens and Happy Clients