Street And Home Vegetable Gardens

54 percent of South Africans go to bed hungry every day, one third of those, being children and at least 20 percent of households are generally food insecure which means they have either inadequate or severely inadequate access to food.

While much of the world is more stable, 2020 has shown us just how tenuous the line is between normalcy and chaos.

If you have the space, one of the most rewarding thing you can do during these difficult times is to start growing your own fruits and vegetables for your table or for your neighbours, staff or local community.

This can start very simply with growing some easy herbs like basil or mint on a windowsill and can become as complex as a fully integrated hot house or shade house in your garden complete with computer operated, remotely accessible irrigation system and integrated composting and fertilisation stations.

For those lucky enough to have garden space and the desire to grow, the options are almost limitless. Once we complete a full site inspection we can design stunning food gardens and fruit forests incorporating brick beds in a variety of finishes including natural stone, porcelain, wood or plaster.

For those looking for more natural or environmentally sustainable options we can also utilise materials such as gum poles, pallet-wood, tyres, rock or glass bottles. For those with less space (and even if you do have the space), we strongly encourage and urge you to create and plant a vegetable garden on your pavement. “but what if people take the food?”, we hear you asking in your head. Well that is the point. We want every member of our nation and your community to have access to the same delicious, organically grown fruit and vegetables that you and your family enjoy.

By growing food and feeding the people we can change lives, improve health, create educational opportunities and help heal our nation. Join us in this adventure and let’s grow together.